Posted by: Simon Berry | 22 May 2006

Cyclist admits affair


I have to confess that the recent visits to see Dan at Pashley Cycles of Stratford-upon-Avon had developed into something else. On my first trip I was introduced to the Pashley Moulton TSR30. On the second trip we were allowed out together . . . alone with no shaperone.

Well, I was seduced . . . the 30 gears . . . the stronger wheels . . . the wide handlebars. With some running around and help from the staff at Pashleys, a nearly-new light blue one was located and I picked it up on Sunday. Today was my first trip out on it. See my training log to see how the ride went.

So now, which bike do I take? The old faithful Moulton NS or the new TSR30?


  1. Take the new bike ..its all about comfort for this ride, you mentioned wider handlebars on the new one, and how narrow the old ones were, and how you needed to move your hand positions frequently to avoid problems?
    Take it for a longish ride (say 50+ miles) just to check it and you are OK at that kind of distance, if it is, then IMHO comfort should rule.

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