Posted by: Simon Berry | 26 May 2006

‘Fat Nick’ was right about Chris Boardman


At the end of his excellent report on Chris Boardman’s Hour Record which can be read here ‘Fat Nick’ said:

“Suddenly, Sally Boardman was ushered to the front of our stand, opposite from Chris. He signalled someone to help him climb the track (still in his cycling shoes!), and was helped over to his wife and family. Ever the family man, he was soon giving interviews to the world’s press, as he held one of his kids in his arms and held another to his hip.”

Well the family strikes again with Sally booking a surprise trip abroad to celebrate their daughter’s birthday. This means that Chris will no longer be able to be with us on Stage 7. In fact he’s away for the whole ride. I’ve just received an email from Chris with sincere aplogies and offering to do whatever he can for the cause but he just can’t be with us on Stage 7.

Not to worry – we will do it anyway – and we will stick to The Wirrall route. Frankly, I am grateful anyway as Chris at least provided an excuse to lengthen the trip from 9 to 10 days! And before you ask . . . . we are not changing it back again now!



  1. Hi all!
    Looks good! Very useful, good stuff. Good resources here. Thanks much!
    Thanks – there are even more resources over here: and here: This is the plan and diary for this year’s Participation Ride on the National Cycle Network.

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