Posted by: Simon Berry | 20 April 2006

Made contact with Dan – Good & Bad News


Dan Farrell is famous for his fitness, his endurance cycling feats and his love for Moulton Bicycles. I first became aware of Dan when I read an account of his, virtually non-stop, ride from London to Edinburgh and back again!
Dan has also done the Paris-Brest-Paris audax ride and you can read about this here.
Dan was also involved in the Cardiff to London (in a day) ride which I was persuaded to participate in back in May 2003.
GOOD NEWS: Dan is also pretty good at getting bikes ready for long distance runs and has agreed to get my Moulton ready.
BAD NEWS: He has also asked “Why are you doing it the wrong way?”. “More than 100 miles a day is no cake walk and if the wind is in your face . . . . “. I’m worried! I may have to do a re-think.



  1. […] have to confess that the recent visits to see Dan at Pashley Cycles of Stratford-upon-Avon had developed into something else. On my first trip I was […]

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