Posted by: Simon Berry | 22 May 2006

Bikes on trains


No wonder cyclists get cross. I first tried to book my Rugby-Penzance trip online on 2 May 2006 using Towards the end of the lengthy booking process it became clear that I was not going to be able to book a bike this way. So I called thetrainline and they said I had to make the booking by telephone to the train operator.

I called the Virgin Trains booking service. Went through the booking process plus bike and asked for confirmation to be sent. This came but didn’t mention the bike. I raised this with the ‘have you any questions about your booking’ service and I was emailed a huge PDF of the leaflet about taking bikes on trains. I called the number, went through the security checks, and explained that I wanted to book a bike on the journey. "I’ll put you on hold". Sorry, we can’t help you. You need to go to Rugby station and they might be able to help you.

Come on guys you must be able to do better than this. No wonder there are so many frayed tempers on platforms between cyclists and rail staff. The system doesn’t work! This is unfair on frontline rail staff and cyclists.

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