Posted by: Simon Berry | 22 October 2006

The next project . . .

My GPS was the most useful gadget on this trip. It took me to my accommodation at the end of each night without fail.

I’d now like to see if I can produce GPS files like the ones you can download for this trip (click here) for the whole of the National Cycle Network (NCN). I have found the NCN great but poorly signposted. On this trip I had to give up on a NCN route 10 miles north of Glasgow due to poor signage.

The idea would be to produce such files using a PC (ie without actually cycling the routes) and then publish them on a website for cyclists to download. The website would also enable people to submit variations and files generated by actually cycling the routes.

I am currently researching the maps/programs I would need to get this project started.

Have you got any such files? Please comment on this entry if you have. Thanks.



  1. Hi Simon, I would certainly be interested in such data. I have done a small part of the NCN around my home area and would like to branch out. I am a recreational cyclist and like to do the routes with my son, recently adding a Ram mount to my handlebars for my 600. In fact, it has given my GPS use a new lease of life.
    Stu from Scotland

  2. I am currently designing our LeJog route and downloading & saving each of the stages using MemoryMap.
    The sections will then be transfer to the Garmin.
    By the time I have finished I will have a complete route saved for a Garmin.
    However I have tried to use your down load files and they will not overlay on Memory map. Are they designed to go straight onto the Garmin?
    Hi Graham
    The files on this site are track files produced using an eXplorist 600 GPS the .trk file is in the eXplorist format and the .log file is in the MapSend format. If you want to convert to another format you might be able to do this using GPSBabel – see
    Let me know how you get on.

  3. Hi Simon
    I found your site via the Ultimate Links List of LE to JoG Cycle Trips with a view doing undertaking it myself.
    I also have an Explorist 600 and I bought Magellan Mapsend Topo software with it. This allows you to plot routes on your PC and upload them to the GPS handset. I bought it from George Fisher in Keswick, it’s very detailed with contour lines, some footpaths and bridleways. Thought it might be what you’re looking for if you don’t have it already.
    Hi Simon
    Many thanks for your comment on the blog. I ended up buying the OS Maps by Anquet and I have now mapped the whole route here:
    The blog for this year’s ride is here: Do you fancy joining in a stage or two?
    With best wishes

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