Posted by: Simon Berry | 10 June 2006

Where are your panniers?

This often-asked question highlighted one of the advantages of choosing a Moulton for this journey. I was travelling light and all my luggage was stowed ‘in-line’. In bags and in the frame itself. This is shown in this ‘walk around’ the bike. This video was taken more than 800 miles into the ride.

A few additional points not made in this video are: 1) the pedals were reversible – flat on one side and with clips on the other. I was clipped in 99% of the time; 2) I was carrying a foldable tyre in the back bag which was fitted just north of Glasgow; 3) I had spare spokes taped to the rear triangle – look out for these in the video; 4) The zip ties stayed on the frame and formed loops and clothing was tucked underneath them – long velcro traps would have been better; 5) I had a pump clipped to the bottle holder on the underside of the frame; 6) If it had rained I had re-sealable polythene bags to wrap things up in.

[The video may take a few moments to load and appear below – if it doesn’t appear you might also want to try and view the video directly on the YouTube site. To do this click here.]


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