Posted by: Simon Berry | 8 June 2006

Stage 8 – Track and Map – Preston to Shap


During the meal last night we were contemplating today’s challenge: 130 miles incorporating Shap! Adrian suggested we made an early start! This was a really good idea and Luke and I left around 7am, before breakfast.

We stopped at Lancaster’s Sainsbury’s for breakfast with a good 20 miles under our belt. The stretch from Lancaster to Shap was a feast of scenary and hills! It was in this stretch that I saw the first person in the whole trip working in the fields – a shepherd.

We ran out of water about one hour out of Shap but made it OK to the Greyhound Inn where Daniel Heery was waiting with a baked potato lunch purchased in Penrith! Cheers Daniel. This was a psycologically crucial point of the ride. Last night the stats had told us we were about half way. Now it felt like we were! I was moved to say a few words to video!

Download log file (text format): S08D06a.log

Download track file (Magellan MapSend format): S08D06a.trk

First of two stages today
Distance (miles): 69.04
Saddle time (hh:mm:ss): 5:20:17
Average speed (mph): 12.93
Max speed (mph): 40.2
Cumulative distance (miles): 556.05

Downloads are delivered via
Click on the images above to see them full size.
For details of how vertical profiles were derived from log files and the structure of the log files see this posting.

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