Posted by: Simon Berry | 8 June 2006

Stage 1 – Track and Map – Land’s End to St Wenn

060608-map 060608-graph

This was a very enjoyable ride and easy first day. I did use all the gears but there were no really long, difficult hills. You will see from the map that I decided to go into Bodmin “for old time’s sake” and then cycle back on myself to my B&B for the first night. This detour turned out to be a mistake (see the Stage 2 posting). Rule 1: Stick to your route.

Download log file (text format): S00D01a.log
(Penzance to Land’s End), S01D01p.log
(Land’s End to St Wenn)
Download track file (Magellan MapSend format): S00D01a.trk
(Penzance to Land’s End), S01D01p.trk (Land’s End to St Wenn)

Only stage today
Distance (miles): 73.21
Saddle time (hh:mm:ss): 5:09:19
Average speed (mph): 14.20
Max speed (mph): 40.8
Cumulative distance (miles): 83.62 (includes Penzance to Land’s End)

Downloads are delivered via
Click on the images above to see them full size.
For details of how vertical profiles were derived from log files and the structure of the log files see this posting.

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