Posted by: Simon Berry | 7 June 2006

We made it! – Stage 16


Yes, I know there’s only me in the picture. And, no, I am not using the Royal ‘we’.

Lots of people have helped me get here. Too numerous to mention in my current state of mind. There were 8 co-riders, people who met up with me along the way, dozens of texts and comments on the blog and more than 7,000 page impressions on this website. Then there’s my blog editor, etc etc. Full credits later.

AND my Mum and Dad were here to meet me – a complete surprise.

Thanks everyone.

Observant blog readers will have noticed that contemporary music comes a close first to my enthusiasm for cycling…  So, what is the iTune of such a momentous day, you will be wondering? Well it’s got to be one of my favourites. But as my tastes are rather arcane and diverse, the mighty iTune Store
doesn’t cover my CD collection. So, (good news!) it’s a free download…

If I put up another of my lovely daughter’s recordings, I may not escape with my life, so I’ll have to resist the temptation to play you her hair-raising rendition of Mac the Knife with the Warwickshire Youth Jazz Orchestra. They are better live anyway, and you can Google for dates….

So, I’ll give you Celebrate, from sadly defunct Irish band, An Emotional Fish. (This was the serious incarnation of Jerry Fish and the Mud Bug Club as previously selected on this ride…) You’ll need broadband as it’s a video file at (If not look for Tom Dunne’s Greatest Irish Hits). Go Jerry!…

Or as this track so sensibly suggests: "Celebrate….this party’s over, I’m going home…."

The post-ride analysis, lots of photos and videos will be posted over the next couple weeks. So please come back.

PS: You can still donate if you like too! Go on! Click quick and do it now before you forget!

Net ascent (decent) ft: 11
Distance miles: 63.74
Average speed mph: 12.48
Time in saddle: 5:06:15
Cumulative Distance: 1069.27
Max speed mph: 46.4 (fasted of the whole ride)


  1. Congratulations – you’ve proved there is life after 49!

  2. Well done! Welcome to the E2E Club.
    It’s a great feeling when you stand at those signs isn’t it?
    And I see the site hit counter is registering (at about 20.00 on Weds 7 June)about 7 hits per mile travelled
    Rob (E2E Class of 2005)

  3. Hi Dad, just to add my congratulations. I can only imagine how you must be feeling. yels x

  4. Simon
    Congrats on reaching both 50 and John O’Groats !!
    I’ll give you a cheque on Tuesday.
    No cycling this weekend.
    Cheers Nick! It was a great thing to do.

  5. Belated congratulations (just got back from holiday), glad to see you made it in one piece. Joe.

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