Posted by: Simon Berry | 6 June 2006

Thanks to the women in my life (I know which side my bread is buttered)

[please put a suitably lovely  picture of you (Jane) in here – no other editing allowed!] [ED: Hmmm, sadly none available] 

Before this little adventure finishes tomorrow (one way or another), I wanted to acknowledge the support of an unsung hero . . . my wife Jane. While I have been away firing in postings with little gadget, Jane has been making sense of it all. Editing, adding the tune of the day and so on.

In the month before the ride she put up with me not being around and with ‘jobs’ not getting done. Thanks Jane.

Then there’s my daughter Emma who sorted out all the accommodation. She did really well. There was only one place where they weren’t expecting me until next month!

Then there’s my Mum who has recently been losing sleep over my tendons and has always been one of those to send those all-important daily texts of encouragement.

And finally there’s Tricia, who will get a mention later as one of the riders, who hasn’t failed with the daily ‘you can do it’ text.

Many thanks to you all.

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