Posted by: Simon Berry | 6 June 2006

Meet Graham and Stephen


They are doing LEJOG too. They started a couple of weeks ago and will finish a day after me.

We had lunch together in Beauly. In fact they paid for mine: I must tell people it’s my birthday more often!  They are keeping a blog too and there’s me thinking this is one’s unique. Their’s is at but don’t go there! They have already raised 100k (sic) for student scholarships. You can donate here! then I might stand a chance of getting to my 2k target.

Now 40 miles into Stage 15… on the A9 which so far is level-ish and fast, so lots of cruising in top gear. I’ve got 90 miles done so far today and it’s only 5pm! About 25 miles to go to Brora so it’s not going to be the all-nighter I had feared. Time to let myself off a bit, so iTune of the day has to be  Pressure Drop by Toots and the Maytals – as usual, click here to Buy it for 79p or just listen, through iTunes Music Store.

Both legs now a bit dodgy so taking it in turns to push harder with one and then with the other and the ibuprophen is helping!

See you in Brora where my spare tyre should be waiting.


  1. Never mind about the spare tyre! What about the spare leg?
    Jane and Emma xxx

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