Posted by: Simon Berry | 5 June 2006

Mid-ride assessment…


I am typing this while looking at this. Today I’m off to Fort William which is only 70 miles away(!). So I thought I’d write a quick assessment of man and machine before I set off.

Machine: The bike has been superb. It has ridden really well fully loaded. It has generated a lot of comment and interest. Sceptics who have ridden with us have had their perceptions changed I think. I know that I would be in a bad state on a road bike with no suspension.

The mudguards though have not performed well. The rear one snapped on Stage 1. I think this was due to the fact that it was not fitted correctly and under tension. The front one’s rear rivets failed on stage 8 (fixed with bit of string) and the top rivets gave up on Stage 10. I now have no front mudguard. I hope it doesn’t rain.

The man: Is doing OK. Most issues, grazes (to both knees, left thigh, and left little finger) relate to the tumble yesterday (see more in the posting below…). And so does the ache in my left elbow. Other issues are: numbness in the two smallest fingers on left hand and the same thing on the left palm on the right hand. I have been making an effort to vary my grip but need to do so more often.

Bum? Went through a dodgy phase after the 130-miler the day before yesterday but now OK. Getting measured up for a saddle (don’t ask) before I started was a very good idea.

Time for breakfast. See you in Fort William.

What day is it?


  1. Hello Dad! Sorry I missed your call last night. My phone battery went flat shortly after leaving Hamilton, and something similar happened to me when I got back to my pad in Norwich last night (a good run, thanks to a bit of smooth talking to get the bike onto the train without a reservation).
    I hope you’re feeling ok after the crash – you seem to be bouncing back. Maybe when you get back I could teach you how to roll đŸ™‚
    Enjoy these last two days – I’m sorry I can’t be with you. We’ll all be watching – keep us posted!
    Luke x

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