Posted by: Simon Berry | 2 June 2006

Stage 7 (without Chris Boardman)


Luke arrived by train late last night to make a team of three. The picture shows Luke and Adrian and the lovely Miss Gregory outside Ash Hall B and B – the starting point for Stage 7.

iTune of Today is  Belle and Sebastian – Stars of track and field.
We dedicate it to Chris Boardman who was supposed to be cycling with us
today, but was whisked off on a surprise exotic holiday by his wife
instead. Chris, commiserations! We’re all sure you’d rather be cycling through Liverpool with us! But we will all have to be poor substitute
‘stars’ without you!
To sample the track, click on Buy it or invest 79p through iTunes Music Store and it’s all yours (Hmm I wonder if they will sponsor me?)

To Liverpool:
Net ascent (decent) ft: 420 Distance miles: 49.65 Average speed mph: 13.33 Time in saddle: 3:43:28

Cumulative Distance: More later….


  1. I assume the old lady at Ash let you park the bikes overnight in the entrance hall as we did last year!
    Keep peadlling

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