Posted by: Simon Berry | 31 May 2006

First co-rider joins in – Stage 5


This is how Stage 5 started. With a picnic lunch! And a specially prepared wheat-free one at that, with Tricia. Tricia and I were part of the team that rode across the Yucatan in 2003.

We’d agreed to meet at Whitminster which is (quite a bit) north of Bristol. But I got lost in Bristol which delayed me. So Tricia had to cycle down to meet me.

We didn’t get going until after 4 and we did the whole stage together except for last 6 miles. When Tricia’s husband, Alan,  appeared from behind us, with a car with enough space in the back for Tricia’s bike, the temptation was just too much for her!

Today was great. A complete contrast to yesterday. So iTune of the day has to be the happiest of ‘happy bunny’ songs: Breathless by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Click here to Buy it for 79p through iTunes Music Store, or just sample it. (This isn’t the best version – sorry Nick – If you want to hear the sunshine, you have to get the CD: The Lyre of Orpheus)

I think I can do this. Yesterday, if one more challenge had been thrown at me (eg rain) I would have faced a real difficulty.

Tonight was rounded with a very nice meal with Tricia and Alan. Looking forward to riding with my next co-rider, Adrian, tomorrow.

Net ascent (decent) ft: 304 Distance miles: 42.09 Average speed mph: 10.95 Time in saddle: 3:50:29

Cumulative Distance: 311.36


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