Posted by: Simon Berry | 30 May 2006

Participation starts! Stage 2


This is Audrey (see, Carrie (Sister in Law) and Kanye (nephew). They met me in Okehampton for lunch. This was a great motivator! If they hadn’t been waiting I might not have made it! Kanye has to grow a bit before he can reach the pedals, but I think he has potential…

While on the subject of motivators, so nice to get a good luck text from Trish this morning too. Trish joins me from tomorrow lunchtime to Bromyard.  I’ll now have co-riders with me on this trip all the way from Whitminster (nr Bristol) to Glasgow. Any takers for Glasgow onwards?

Lord knows how I am going to get to Taunton before night fall but here goes . .

Heroes: Kanye (the motivator)
Villans: That strong, cold northerly wind across Bodmin moor. The prevailing wind theory isn’t working!

i-Tune of the day has to be an offering to the Wind Gods – how about:
Any Way the Wind Blows – Jerry Fish and the Mud Bug Club – Buy it for 79p through iTunes Music Store, or just click on the listing to sample….

More later . . .

Net ascent (decent) ft: 274 Distance miles: 67.44 Average speed mph: 14.03 Time in saddle: 4:48:18 Max speed: 38.2

Cumulative Distance: 140.65

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