Posted by: Simon Berry | 29 May 2006

One stage done – 15 to go


This is Jenny, Phil (proprietors at Treliver Farm B+B) and Tony and Tricia (fellow guests from Sydney). They are all looking so happy because we have had a superb meal and conversation. If you are travelling in this area – stay here!

This stage has been one of two halves. Land’s End to Redruth was on country lanes –  Redruth to Bodmin was on the A30. Enough said!

The antidote to A30 traffic was a short loop back to St Wenn (Treliver Farm). So why the detour? Two reasons:

1) Ron Daniel is sponsoring per Cornish mile (sorry Ron!) and

2) I wanted to see if Bodmin had changed since my last visit in 2000.

I won’t be moving off the trail tomorrow as I has have 112 miles to do across hilly Devon. Must go to bed and get some sleep! I want to be on the road by 8 am.

The weather has been sunny and dry with a strong northerly wind. But it has hit from the side so it could be worse.

Heroes: My trusty GPS/SatNav guided me stratight to thedoor of Treliver farm even though its right in the middle of no-where.

Villans: Caravanners who forget that their van is a foot wider than their car! Today’s  iTune is dedicated to them.

iTune of the Day – Amadou and Mariam – Camions Sauvages – A fantastic track about wild African Lorries squashing chickens and elephants. Or, in translation: Bank Holiday ‘Wild Caravans’ trying to squash cyclists! Those with iTunes Buy it for 79p through iTunes Music Store, or click to sample it. Those without, who want an earful of Africa without going there, get the CD!

The Word: Photographer at  Land’s End and me.
P: Are you just finishing?
M: No I haven’t started yet. Do I look that bad?
P: Ah . . . Would you just stand over here with your bike in front of you . . .

Net ascent (decent) ft: 215 Distance miles: 73.21 (83.62 inc Penzance to Land’s End) Average speed mph: 14.20 Time in saddle: 5:09:19
Cumulative Distance: 73.21

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