Posted by: Simon Berry | 28 May 2006

Gadgets, trains and iTune of the Day


There’s nothing like having a new gadget to bond with to pass time on the train. And the Treo 650 phone is certainly a neat bit of kit. This posting comes to straight from phone to blog. Information Age or what? And it even supplied this typical picture of a British Summer evening!

The journey from Birmingham was 5.5 hours; the train was on time, but packed (that’ll teach me to start an adventure on a Bank Holiday Weekend). No problem with the bike though.

Good News: found accommodation. Bad news: The hill up to it was much steeper than anything I have encountered in training. Eeeek.

At first, I thought I must be at the wrong place. Rang doorbell; no answer. It took about 10 mins for anyone to
come to the door. All was explained when I realised my hosts have survived to a very ripe old age in the healthy climes of West Cornwall. I have to admit that Julie Walters in her famous “Two soups…” sketch came immediately to mind! I hope I will be pouring my own milk on my cornflakes at 8am tomorrow morning. If so, I should be on the road to Land’s End by 9.

As this is going to be a mult-media all-singing, all dancing blog, I’m going to post an iTune of the day. If you have iTunes on your computer, you can listen to it: just click the Buy it! link where you can either download it for the princely sum of 79p, or click on the listing to get a free sample…

Today’s iTune of the Day: The Jam – Start! – Buy it or sample it at iTunes Music Store, where the link will take you….

My target lunch stop is Redruth….

More tommorrow with stats and all…

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