Posted by: Simon Berry | 24 May 2006

Meet the team . . .

. . . or some of them. I will add photos later if I get a chance.
Andy: Andy is the David Beckham of Estimators to the Construction Industry. He’s past his peak but still pretty good and has a very attractive wife (Hi Janice, OK?) and in Andy’s case very attractive daughters too (I sure he won’t mind me saying that . . . but on second thoughts . . ). Andy is a veteran cyclist and is one of the reasons I am in the saddle. Andy is consistent, year in year out.
Adrian: Adrian runs West Midlands Police virtually single-handed but rarely gets credit for this. Adrian and I were part of the team that cycled across the Yucatan to raise money for Acorns Children’s Hospice in 2003.
Simon: Simon is the Saachi & Saachi of the voluntary sector all bundled up in one nicely proportioned man. He works with me at ruralnet|uk.
David: David also works with me at ruralnet|uk. He is the source of the Kryptonite that powers most of what we do. David’s not cycling but meeting me at John O’Groats and bringing me back home. Thanks David.
Brian: Brian has the best bits of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates inside him (and they nearly don’t fit!). On Brian’s 50th we raced around an indoor track on Go-Carts which appeared mad at the time but on reflection . . . Brian won’t be cycling either but has offered to lend me his new (yes new) Treo so I can keep the blog up to date on the move.
Luke: Luke is a Fine Artist cum 3D Animator. He is a pillar of the animation community in Norwich where he works for our answer to Pixar -> Televirtual.
Jane & Emma: My support team. More on them later.

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