Posted by: Simon Berry | 13 May 2006



I decided I should do a bit of marketing today. I made some cards and took them to local bike shops: Skinny Wheels in Long Buckby (they had one of Chris Boardman’s trial bikes on show) and Thorntons of Rugby.

If you’d like a copy of the cards (8 per A4 sheet) to do your own marketing or to help me with promotion then you can download them here.

I did get on the bike and did 30 miles and had a puncture which I was able to mend on the side of the road. It’s good to have a dry run of this sort of thing. You can never be sure you have all you need to fix a puncture until you actually have one! My training log is here.


  1. Why fix punctures by the side of the road? Now, I speak as someone to whom the puncture fairy was extremely kind on our JOGLE, but how about this for a better suggestion.
    Check for whatever caused the puncture and remove it, then put your spare inner tube in (you *must* have a spare inner tube), inflate it, carry on. Minimal hassle by the side of the road when it may be cold, wet, windy etc.
    Then, fix the puncture at the next stop (lunch or evening maybe?), **in the warm and dry**. Especially if its wet(prime puncture time) there is a possibility the mend not being that good and failing again, if any moisture gets in.
    Well, that was my plan anyway, and I hope the PF has the same benevolent attitude to you as she did to us!

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