Posted by: Simon Berry | 11 May 2006

Thanks & Moulton Myths


First of all, thanks to everyone who has emailed me directly with offers of help and comments. I’d be really happy if people would also send stuff here (by clicking on the ‘Comments’ links at the bottom of each post) so that we could get a bit of knowledge sharing going . . .

I’d like to respond to some of the comments I have received by email:
. . . you are obviously barking to do it on a Moulton! 🙂 No
I’m not :-). The Moulton is a very high performance bike with rock
solid tyres and full suspension. Its ‘space frame’ construction means
it is very stiff and it goes like a rocket (see my training log).
It holds various speed records and has been used by Audax riders for
London-Edinburgh-London, Paris-Brest-Paris etc. I rode mine from
Cardiff to London in a day (~170 miles) >more.
At least you shouldnt have issues getting back home on the train, with a folder. The Moulton is not a folder. There is not a folder in the Moulton range. My Moulton separates but this does not compromise the stiffness of the frame or the conventional riding position. And although this is handy sometimes (eg to get the bike in a car boot) it is not a 30 second job to separate the bike and you wouldn’t use it for a daily commute.
I have owned a Brompton and I would certainly would not have attempted the trip on that.
Does having small wheels mean you have to pedal faster?
No. The gears are organised so that your feet go around at the same speed as a bike with larger wheels  but the wheels go around a lot faster.

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