Posted by: Simon Berry | 7 May 2006

Route change to allow VIP to participate


Although there is not much commenting going on on this blog :-(, there is a lot going on in the background! A V.I.P. has agreed to participate (more on this later) and this has affected Stage 7 – WHITCHURCH to PRESTON. This will now be the first and only stage on Day 5 (2/6/06) and will go down the Wirral peninsula, along the bottom of the peninsula, cross the Mersey on the ferry and then on up the coast and into Preston (about 100 miles). I will post the exact route shortly.

This means that all subsequent stages will take place a day later and the ride will finish on 7/6/06 (not 6/6/06). This will also mean that we will be cycling through the Great Glen past Loch Ness on my birthday which will be perfect!

The latest version (Version 4) of the intinerary is here: Excel and PDF

I have updated the other posts that are affected by this change.

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