Posted by: Simon Berry | 6 May 2006

Value of handle bar Real Estate soars


One thing I was reminded of during the rides yesterday is the importance on having as much space as possible to rest your hands on the handle bars. Mine go numb if I don’t keep changing my grip.

I am already constrained by the design of the Moutlton ‘bull horn’ handle bars (which I like) and by the fact that the front of the bike is starting to look like ‘gadget heaven’. I think I have resolved things by fitting an Acor ‘Tee Bar’.

For those unfamiliar with this sort of Moulton, the funny things coming out of the end of the handlebars are the brakes and the good ‘old fashioned’ Dura-Ace gear changer is to the right. I have fitted my trusty Sigma Sport BC800 bike computer in the middle (cheap and cheerful) and the Magellan GPS (not cheap but brilliant especially with the street by street maps loaded) is out in front on the ‘Tee Bar’ with the bell. I am really pleased with the GPS, not only does it track and record the route and the hills but it now guides me turn by turn along the route.

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