Posted by: Simon Berry | 18 April 2006

Wanted: Navigator with Excel Expertise

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The challenge is: During the ride I want to be able to publish stage-by-stage data on the ride. I want this to include a chart showing the contours of the ride so people can see how hilly it actually was.

My GPS stores data as you travel along into a ‘Track Log’ file. Everytime you change direction the GPS writes a line of data to the Track Log file. This data is separated by commas which makes it easy to load into Excel. This is a typical Track Log file imported into Excel. To this file I have added the field names from the information provided by the GPS manufacturer in this document.

Can anyone help me by using the data in each line of the spreadsheet to: 1) calculate the distance between each set of data and then 2) produce a chart showing the contours. Thanks in anticipation.

*STOP PRESS* I have received a solution to this from a supporter – >more

[This is a back-dated post. Actual posting date was 11/5/06]

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